The Cleaning Process 


We carry out a thorough pre-inspection of your carpets.  This involves testing and checking the fibre type and construction of your carpets and identifying individual stains.

Moving Furniture

Our pricing includes the careful moving of small furniture items where necessary.

High Filtration Vacuum

We vacuum thoroughly with a high performance commercial vacuum cleaner for thorough loose soil extraction.

Pre-Spray & Pre-Spot

Next, a pre-clean spray solution is applied which will break down dirt particles within the carpet fibres and suspend them within the solution ready to be removed with our high-performance hot water extraction system.  Individual stains are treated with the appropriate solutions to give the best chance of removal.


After letting the pre-clean solution settle into the fibres and loosen the dirt particles, the carpet is agitated to further loosen the soil ready for extraction. 

Hot Water Extraction Machine

Our high pressure hot water extraction unit produces outstanding results because it heats water to a high temperature and forces cleaning solution deep into the carpet pile at high pressure.  This breaks up dirt particles within the fibres. The machine then produces a huge volume of vacuum to draw the dirt, chemicals and water out of your carpet.


We inspect the carpet again and if any stubborn stains remain, they will receive extra treatment with specialist solutions to ensure the best chance of removal.

Carpet Groom

Your carpets will be groomed with special brushes which will lift the pile and leave your carpets in the best possible condition.


Final Inspection

We will inspect the carpets on completion of the work and check that you are delighted with the results.  If you have asked for StainShield protection to be applied to your carpets, we will apply it at this stage.  Although an optional extra, it does prolong the life of carpets and furnishings and reduces the likelihood of future permanent stains.